How to Buy Cigarettes Online

Buy Cigarettes Online

The online cigarettes sales market has known tremendous growth over the recent years and according to industry experts and analysts it is expected to expand even further in the near future. The popularity of online cigarettes retailers comes as no surprise and it is fuelled by the fact that they are easily accessible from any location and usually ship to an extensive list of destination. Their greatest asset and winning point however is the dramatically reduced prices they offer, partly due to the fact of exploiting the possibility of not having to pay the high tax duties levied on cigarettes in most local jurisdictions. Having said that we should highlight the fact that in certain countries or states, the authorities require residents to pay the corresponding tax when buying cigarettes online. Therefore, even if you buy duty free cigarettes online the burden on paying the local tax is shifted on your shoulders.

Locating a reliable, trusted vendor of cheap cigarettes online can be painstaking. Indeed it has taken our editors several months to test out several online stores and to compare and contrast the product and quality of service they offer, including their prices, brands available, shipping times and costs and payment methods, as well as their customer service and satisfaction guarantees. During this process, we have devised a short list of points to consider prior to placing your next online cigarette or tobacco order. So, if you are looking for some friendly expert advice for buying cheap cigarettes online here it is:

1. Any business relationship or commercial transaction should have good communication between the client and the seller as its cornerstone. Therefore ensure that you know exactly all the contact details of the company running the online store, including their address and phone number. Also, do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have and only place an order if these are answered satisfactorily.

2. We cannot stress enough the importance of shipping when buying cigarettes online. The shipping cost is a very important factor to consider because sometimes you may be lured by a very low price on a carton of your favourite brand only to find out that the cost of shopping will be so high that any money saving is cancelled out. In terms of shipping times these should not be too long as in general terms any order should be able to reach you within an average of 14 working days. Shipping methods that are trusted and require an adult signature upon delivery should be preferred as we are sure you wouldn’t want your young children having access to the cigarettes you ordered online. Pay particular attention to all the shipping related details as these tend to vary significantly from one online store to the next.

3. The origin, i.e. the country of manufacture of the cigarettes you are buying online is another very important factor to be wary of. If a store does not clearly indicate the country of manufacture of the cigarettes it is selling then it could be selling inferior quality, non genuine smokes that are made in some obscure location. In general terms, cigarettes that are manufactured in Eastern Europe or Asia tend to be of lower quality. Lower quality cigarettes are sold at cheaper prices. It is up to you to decide whether the price is more important to you than the quality, but you should be able to make that choice based on the right facts and not false pretences.

4. The quality of the actual website is a good indicator of those behind it and the level of service that you can expect to get. A well designed and easy to navigate site means professionalism so explore the stores well to discern whether you are dealing with a trusted vendor or a start up of ambiguous reliability or even a crook.

5. Explore the views and experiences of other clients using the particular online cigarette store, through the reviews available. Also make use on online tools that can offer information and insights on the quality of a site, such as the site, which lists such essential information about the site, often including customer comments. From here you can also be directed to other similar sites in listed in the same category to explore alternative options before placing your order.