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This article was published on Thursday 22 June, 2017.

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What does it really cost to be a smoker in the USA and can it get cheaper?

If you are a smoker residing in any of the glorious states of our beloved USA then you are definitely aware of the fact that smoking is an expensive habit and that given the aggressive stance against smoking by decision makers that has become mainstream, the trend of increasing the cost of cigarettes is bound to continue.

Over the years the retail price of cigarettes across the US has been gradually increasing, although there are still distinct differences amongst states when it comes to pricing cigarettes, since the authorities in each state impose a different level of cigarette tax and a different level of state sales tax on each pack.

Prices below $5 per pack are now a thing of the past and in fact currently the average price of a pack of cigarettes across the USA stands at $5.51, while in most states it actually ranges between $6 and $8. However, the unluckiest American smokers are New Yorkers, since data shows clearly that the big apple is the most expensive state in terms of cigarette prices, boasting an average price per pack of $12.85! If you are a regular smoker, needing a pack per day and you live in New York then you end up having to cough up nearly $5.000 in a year just for cigarettes.

The explanation for the really steep cigarette prices in New York is the level of cigarette tax that the states chooses to impose on each pack, which adds up to $4.35, while the price is increased further due to a state sales tax of $1.60 per pack which is also levied on cigarette purchases. In fact, research has shown that in certain instances in New York, specific cigarette brand smokers are called to pay over $14 per pack, since the high price seems to be the main weapon used by New York authorities in order to persuade smokers to quit and acquire a healthier way of life.

An analysis of the average cigarette prices nationwide reveals that on average a regular smoker will need more than $38,000 over a period of 20 year for cigarettes alone. This is a vast amount by any account and measure, matching the cost of a new car or a down payment for a house.

Surveying a multitude of vendors and selling points (mostly convenience stores and gas stations) in all states across the board shows that it is impossible to buy a pack of cigarettes anywhere in the USA for less than $5 per pack, while on average, cigarette prices have risen almost everywhere and are set to continue rising. Price increases were recorded in a total of 32 states, a percentage of 62%, with the biggest increase being recorded in the state of Minnesota, where the price of a pack of cigarettes increased by 36% or $2.15 per pack.

Contrary to the trend, in certain states the price of cigarettes has actually decreased. Such examples are the case of Arizona, with a reduction of 17% or $1.60 per pack, followed by California and Iowa, where average cigarette prices dropped by 13%. Smaller reductions in the price of cigarettes were also recorded in the states of Alabama, Iowa, South Dakota and Arkansas.

The coveted title of the state with the cheapest cigarette prices, formerly held by Kentucky has moved to Missouri and Virginia, where the average price is $5.25.

However, moving state in order to be able to get hold of cheaper cigarettes is not a realistic, viable option. If one is willing to quit smoking and save all the associated expenses then it is wise to resort to various help programs that make it possible to drop the habit and cut the addiction. Nevertheless, if quitting is not on your plans, then you could explore new smoking technologies, such as e-cigarettes and vaporizers which tend to, at least in the long-run, curb the cost of smoking.

If you exercise your own free will and choose to remain a smoker of traditional cigarettes, then the wise and smart thing to do is to find other supply sources, away from the traditional brick and mortar stores. It is possible to get hold of cheaper cigarettes and it is viable to continue smoking your favourite brand despite the increasing trend in cigarette prices across the whole of the USA.

To achieve this goal smokers can shop for duty free cigarettes at off-line locations, or for a better, faster and more convenient experience at various trusted online cigarette stores, such as at

Choosing to become or remain a smoker in the modern day world and in particular in the USA is not an easy decision. Smokers are being bombarded by health warnings, prohibitions and ridiculously high retail prices, mostly made up of taxes and duties. 

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Moreover, they can take advantage of the economies of scale and better price per pack achieved through bulk purchasing and the use of special discounts and coupons, thus finding an affordable way around the big problem that is the excessive retail price of cigarettes in the USA.

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