How to buy cheap Golden Gate cigarettes: 3 Steps

cheap golden gate cigarettes prices

It would be fair to argue that the choices people make reveal a lot about the type of person they are. Thus, if your preferred brand for smoking is the Golden Gate then already you are proving that you are one step ahead. It means that you were smart enough to look beyond the more traditional and long established cigarette brands and find a brand that is newer but nevertheless a true gem.

It is true that when tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco was introducing the Golden Gate brand as a cigarette in the mid-price segment, it paid great attention to delivering a product of impeccable quality, using all available cutting edge techniques both in the curing of the tobacco, the actual blend that is used, which is the fine American type and the filtering system, which all combine to deliver a cigarette that tastes and smells really good, a true gift to the sensations of smokers. Moreover, Imperial Tobacco keeps regularly updating and rejuvenating the packaging and the overall look of the brand, to always keep it fresh and relevant to consumer demands.

However, what is truly unique about the Golden Gate cigarettes brand is all you get all this for a really affordable price. But, you probably already know that, and this why you chose this brand. Exactly because it provides a high quality smoking experience for a price that is considerably lower than other brands. This makes you a wise, smart smoker, who looks around, is not prepared to compromise for inferior quality, pays attention to the robust, fulfilling satisfaction that a good smoke gives, but is also price-sensitive and want a real value for money tobacco product.

Well done! So to reward you even further for being so smart, here are a few pointers as to how you can ensure that you can get hold of Golden Gate cigarettes cheaply and how you can beat the plagues faced by all smokers, which are the high taxes and associated high retail prices, the plethora of bad quality, counterfeit, illegal cigarettes which are cheap but very dangerous for your health and many more.

Step 1: Buy Golden Gate Cigarettes Online

Our first advice would be to buy your Golden Gate online. If you are not yet convinced that is the best method to stock up on cheap Golden Gate cigarettes, then you might want to check out our articles  “Why you should buy cigarettes online” and “The benefits of purchasing cigarettes online“.

The first step in buying cheap cigarettes online is to choose the shop to buy from. In order to be able to do this ensuring that the shop is suitable, safe and reliable as a vendor, ask around, take into account the past experiences of other customers, read reviews of the various shops, or even better and time effective consult comparison tables that rank various online cigarette shops against specific criteria and benchmarks. One such example is the list we feature and you can click on the screenshot below to access it.

online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews
Online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews. Click to access the full table.

Step 2: Compare Golden Gate Cigarettes Prices Online

A second pointer is that you should be looking for sites that are not only reliable in general, but also sites that have Golden Gate in stock and which deliver in your location, because not all vendors stock all brands and they definitely not all able to serve customers across the globe.

Once you identify stores that do sell Golden Gate, then you must locate and compare the selling price they offer for your preferred brand and preferred variant of the brand, i.e. either the Golden Gate Red or the milder Golden Gate Blue. Sometimes this might be complicated since most stores offer a lot of brands, so for added speed and convenience you can consult purposely built cigarette price comparison tables, such as the one we have compiled and which can be accessed from the screenshot below.

Compare golden gate cigarettes price
Compare cigarettes price online and locate the store that sells their favourite cigarettes at the lowest price.

Step 3: Take advantage of additional discounts, via special offers and coupons

As a smart consumer and smoker perhaps you already know that you can buy your Golden Gate for even less if you shop around for special offers and promotions as well as through using discount coupons, that take off money from your order value. If you are unfamiliar of such processes that render buying your Golden Gate cigarettes online even more affordable, browse around our relevant section “Save with free cigarette coupon codes and discount promo codes“.

Moreover, another smart move is to buy in bulk because it reduces the cost per carton and the cost per pack both for the seller and for you. In addition, if you do buy greater quantities then you will be able to meet the quota that will make you eligible for free shipping, since many online vendors associate free shipping with the actual amount you intend to buy. The issue of shipping is further analysed and explained in our article “Buy cheap cigarettes online with free shipping – The Truth“, and it would be a good idea to consult it before placing an order.

We have compiled these useful pointers as a contribution and a tribute to those smokers who are smart, proactive and wise enough to already choose a cigarette brand such as the Golden Gate which combines high quality and affordability, to help them in their effort to get hold of cheap Golden Gate cigarettes. If you are a Golden Gate smoker looking to buy your favorite brand online for less and you are facing any kind of problems or have queries, feel free to contact us for assistance and further pointers on how to go about this.