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Buy cheap cigarettes online with free shipping

“How to buy cheap cigarettes online with free delivery” that is a phrase that you will find in most of the online cigarette stores nowadays. Although that is an offer that should make all potential buyers extremely happy, unfortunately most smokers since realize that they got excited over landing a good deal that was not so good afterall. Why? Well because the simple truth of the matter is that the shipping of any product that you buy online cannot and never is free, cigarettes being no exception to this rule. Especially since most often than not the actual suppliers you are buying from are located in another country, or even in another continent. Therefore, the transport of the product, in this case the cigarettes you are buying online does bear itself a significant cost, since no parcel service company would transport and deliver your cigarettes to your doorstep without payment.

Having established this simple truth, of which of course online cigarette vendors are also completely aware, then the question to answer is how can they claim to provide Free Shipping and indeed not charge you for shipping costs when placing an order with them?

Well, the answer to the question in one that retailers would not want you to spend a lot of time thinking about or knowing. But as a reliable smoker’s guide looking after your interests and helping you make wise decisions with regards to buying cigarettes online we have to let you in on the industry’s “dirty little secret” which plainly enough is the fact that shipping can be claimed to be free, only because and when it is actually being passed on to you in another way. The obvious way is by offering slightly higher prices on the product, in this case your carton of cigarettes, but because the price is the first thing that the potential customer looks at and vendors would not want to deter you from buying, they might choose other ways to mask the so called “free shipping” cost. Such ways often include a compromise in the quality of the customer service offered by the online store or even worse strict conditions when it comes to purchasing or returning items that you are unsatisfied with. This fine print, which many of us often neglect to pay much attention to when buying online, might mean that in the end you might pay for the shipping but instead receive a very poor service and not end up enjoying what you intended to buy to begin with.

Perhaps the most widely used marketing tool used by online retailers in order to offer free shipping, while making sure the associated cost is actually paid for, is through employing a policy of setting a free shipping threshold, which a buyer has to surpass in order to be eligible for free shipping. In this case, those customers who will fancy the offer will end up buying more than what they had originally intended, thus boosting the volume of sales for the store, while reducing the associated processing and handling costs, which would have been greater had the one big order broken into several smaller ones. Online stores which employ the tactic of a minimum purchase level for free shipping, also tend to charge those customers who still opt for placing a smaller order and stay below the threshold, with a slightly higher shipping cost in order to compensate for any difference between the reduced overhead costs and the price of absorbing the shipping cost of the larger orders.

In a nutshell, what we want each and every one of you smart smokers out there to bear in mind is that there is no such thing as free shipping. This is not necessarily bad, it is just a confirmation that online cigarettes vendors are in it for the profit as any other merchant is and that those people who want to attract your custom are business and not charitable foundations. Thus, even if they claim to offer free shipping and not charge for it, they will make sure they will somehow cover the shipping cost and still make a profit from their sales.

Having this in mind, where does that leave you? As always, tread with caution and do not place your online orders on an impulse or be carried away by big promises, or fancy banners featuring the word FREE! It is true that through purchasing cigarettes online there are plentiful genuine good offers to be had, resulting in real savings for your budget, but in order to locate them you need to be careful, meticulous and vigilant. Compare the prices of each store before you place your order and make sure that you compare like with like. If a store says it offers free shipping on all orders, another that it charges all shipping and another that it requires a minimum order for free shipping then obviously a simple price comparison between them will not leave you any wiser, in fact it might confuse you further. This is why our team has recently launched our price comparison tables, featuring trusted online cigarettes stores and most popular cigarettes brands. We have ensured to be comparing stores that are actually comparable and as more stores will be added in the future we will be including such important parameters as shipping costs in our comparisons, to make sure you will have all the relevant cost details before you in an instant.

If you wish access our cigarettes price comparison section, but even if you want to keep search for the best deal on your own, always remember that no seller will ever give you something for free and that you are only going to become a repeat customer if a merchant is honest and transparent and does not try to deceive you or believe you are gullible and easy prey for a good profit. So, have your facts straight, choose the right online cigarettes store to buy from and puff away!!!

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