How to buy cheap Camel cigarettes: 4 Steps

Buy Cheap Camel Cigarettes

So you are a smoker of Camel cigarettes… this is indeed a very good choice as millions of smokers around the world have the same opinion, choosing the superior smoking experience that this brand offers them. Indeed, in its long history that began in 1913, the Camel cigarette brand has managed to gain iconic recognition worldwide and attract many smokers to the tobacco products in the Camel family brand, which are distinguished for their innovation and for breaking new grounds in the industry.

A Camel cigarette is always authentic and inspires its smokers to enjoy their habit in their own terms, breaking free from conventions. Camel’s unique blend of flue-cured, burley and exotic Turkish tobaccos is an added reason for its high popularity and explains why it constitutes the flagship brand of its maker, the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, remaining their largest and fastest-growing full-price brand.

The bad news is that as a full priced, premium brand the price you are called to pay for choosing to smoke Camel cigarettes is steep, especially since authorities all over the world love imposing very high taxes and dues on cigarettes, thus rendering the price of a pack of cigarettes extremely high and hard to bear.

Thus, naturally, you and many others like you embark on the quest to locate and purchase cheap Camel cigarettes. This short article is a concise how to guide, in order to assist you in your endeavour and help you ensure that you pay less for your next Camel cigarettes purchase.

The step by step guide pertains to buying cheap Camel cigarettes online, since we have already established the numerous advantages and benefits of choosing this method to obtain your cigarettes. For more details on why this is so, please read our relevant articles “Why you should buy cigarettes online” and “The benefits of purchasing cigarettes online“.

Step 1: Find a reliable online store

The cornerstone of a successful online purchase for cheap Camel cigarettes is buying them from the right store. In order to locate the store you can start by a simple search in any search engine. However, you need to thoroughly check you the results you get, because not all online stores are reliable and you should be able to identify and avoid scams and crooks. If you want to know more on how to do this, please see our article on “How to avoid online cigarette store scams“.

To be sure a store is reliable, read its independent reviews, check out the feedback of other customers, often found in chat rooms and forums and also study the comparative tables often provided by independent guides, such as the one we offer on our ranking list with the best online cigarettes stores. Click on the screenshot below to access it.

online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews
Online cigarette Store Ratings & Reviews. Click to access the full table.

Once you establish that a store is safe to shop from, then obviously you need to make sure it actually stocks the specific type of the Camel brand that you are interested in and also that it ships to your location. This latter point is very important because there are several national and local restrictions meaning that not all online stores are able to ship to all locations worldwide, so it is vital to clarify if your location is served before getting excited of finding a good price only to learn during check out that the cheap Camel cigarettes cannot be delivered to where you live.

Last, but not least, is to be sure that you are shopping from a site that only stocks high quality products, because the tobacco industry is seriously plagued by illicit, contraband cigarettes which are made with inferior materials and are very hazardous to one’s health. Some online shops do sell cigarettes that are made under license in locations with lower labour costs, such as eastern European countries, but of course these are different than the illegally made, counterfeit cigarettes that many are tricked into buying because of their low price.

Step 2: Search specifically for the lowest price on Camel

Your search so far should have helped you locate a number of reliable online cigarettes stores that do stock Camel as a brand and do deliver to your location. In order to decide which of these stores to place an order with it is imperative to discern which of them actually offers the lowest price on specifically the Camel brand and the Camel variation that you are after. You can do this by carefully browsing the specific product pages in each store, or by taking advantage of our user-friendly, cigarette price comparison table. Click on the screenshot below to access it.

compare cigarettes price online
Compare cigarettes price online and locate the store that sells their favourite cigarettes at the lowest price. Click to access the full table.

Step 3: Take advantage of additional discounts, via special offers and coupons

However, the price quoted in the page or the comparison table might not be the one you will be called to pay in the end, meaning that your cheap online Camel cigarettes purchase may become even cheaper! This is achieved if you are smart enough to find and take advantage of the several special offers and promotional coupon codes that many stores accept and use. For further information on this topic, please check out our section of “Save with free cigarette coupon codes and discount promo codes“.

Step 4: Save more by bulk purchasing and choosing the right shipping method

In order to be able to know exactly the cost per carton or per pack that you will be called to pay and thus decide which online store offers you the more cost effective, affordable solution for your next purchase of cheap Camel cigarettes you need to take into account another two factors. The first is that usually when you are prepared to buy in bulk, for example ten cartons instead of 2 you will be taking advantage of the economies of scale created for the vendor and thus be paying less for each Camel pack. The final factor to consider is the shipping method that you opt for and the associated cost. Usually, many stores give you this for free, especially if you buy in bulk. This topic is analysed further in our detailed article “Buy cheap cigarettes online with free shipping – The Truth“.

If you make these steps and take all the factors mentioned above into consideration, then you are bound to end up with discerning the combination of online store, order quantity and delivery method that will allow you to smoke your favorite Camel cigarettes for much less than what you have been paying so far. What is more, you will be able to order from the comfort of your home and relax while the order is delivered right to your doorstep.

So, stick to Camel cigarettes, but don’t pay the excessive high street price for a pack. Buy Camel cigarettes cheaply, online. It is easy and completely doable…good luck and happy bargain hunting!