A brief guide on how to get hold of cheap cigarettes

cut costs on smoking

It is true that the global rise in cigarette and tobacco prices, especially since these goods are usually the subject of heavy taxation by authorities across the world, combined with the fact that people’s reduced incomes are also reduced, renders smoking a very expensive habit. It therefore comes as no surprise that all smokers keep seeking ways to get their hands, mouths and lungs on some less expensive variant of cigarettes to satisfy their cravings and need for pleasure. Having said that, one should always bear in mind that cheaper cigarettes might be good for an ailing wallet, but could very likely be detrimental on the smoking pleasure they give, due to their inferior quality.

However, smokers are not left without choices when it comes to their quest for a cheaper smoke. In fact there might far more options out there than one can thing off at first glance. This article will outline the five sources where we believe that a smoker residing in the USA can resort to in order to obtain cheaper cigarettes. In a nutshell, these are buying cigarettes on line over the internet, shopping from a grocery store, a dedicated smoke shop, taking a trip down your nearest Indian reservation or rolling your own cigarettes.

Of course not all of these five methods will provide you with the same quality cigarettes, nor will they secure you the same level of savings. In fact, one of the methods could help you cut your smoking costs by more than 50%, while another could get you into legal trouble as well as potentially triple the cost you will be called to bear.

Intrigued? Well, then read below to find out more…

1 Internet Cigarettes

Buying cigarettes on the Internet via an electronic shop is perhaps, at least at first glance, a very effective and popular way to acquire cheap cigarettes. The abundance of shops and offers and promotions ensures that with careful research you will also certainly end up paying less for your favorite brand, if you opt to buy it online. There is however, a potential loophole that every smoker needs to pay particular attention to: prices are cheaper when you buy online because the associated tax is usually not included in them. But, alas we all know that the federal government goes to great lengths in order to regulate all of the businesses and transactions occurring within its borders and thus, if one is not paying taxes on a transaction the authorities will find a way to ensure that those taxes will eventually be paid. So, although we encourage purchasing cheap cigarettes online we call you to be careful, meticulous and vigilant because you might end up having to pay large amounts in taxes and fines to the federal authorities, which will eliminate any savings you may have achieved on the cost of the cigarettes.

2 Grocery stores cigarettes

Buying cigarettes from small local grocery stores only when the prices are compared to the prices in department stores. This is so because department stores tend to round prices up ending up with prices that are approximately higher by a dollar than the usual price. So, if you can, avoid department stores completely for buying cigarettes and choose the cheaper option of grocery stores.

3 The Indian reservations

Although inexpensive cigarettes are readily available for sale at Indian reservations around the nation, the obvious problem with this solution is the great distances that one has to usually travel to get to one such reservation, meaning that any savings will be spent on fuel and car and other travelling expenses. So, this option only makes monetary sense if you live near such a reservation. Also, have in mind that selling cigarettes without a license is considered a crime, so if you are contemplating a trip to a reservation to buy your own cigarettes plus get some for friends or if you are planning to give a friend money to buy from the Indian reservation on your behalf, this is not wise as it could mean legal trouble and heavy sentences for all involved.

4 Smoke shops

As smoke shops are dedicated exclusively to the needs of smokers they are more often than not the better choice when looking to buy inexpressive cigarettes via the traditional channel of walking into a shop. Smoke shops stock many varieties and usually are in a position to offer smokers higher discounts and greater offers than other kinds of shops selling cigarettes.

5 Rolling your own cigarettes

Finally, if you can get the hang of doing properly and you can find the tobacco to suit your taste buds, perhaps the most definite inexpensive way to enjoy a good cigarette is to buy the tobacco and papers and roll you own. If you manage to get reasonably priced tobacco and roll your own cigarettes you could be able to obtain the same number of cigarettes for a month’s supply at the price that you would have to pay to get only a week’s supply of factory manufactured cigarettes!. If you think about it the saving is so huge that it is worth a shot…