BestMan cigarettes brand

bestman cigarettes brand

The BestMan cigarettes brand is primarily targeting male smokers.  Best Man cigarettes were firstly introduced a few years ago and specifically in 2011, by the Bulgarian tobacco company King’s Tobacco, which markets the brand internationally in order to attract the segment of male smokers who seek a robust but affordable brand to smoke.

King’s Tobacco is one of the oldest tobacco companies in Bulgaria, boasting a long history of over 130 years, during which it has amassed a significant experience in the curing of tobacco and the manufacture of cigarettes and other tobacco products. As a result of the Tobacco Monopoly Act in 1947, the company had passed into state ownership but in 2008 it was privatized again, in fact becoming the first privately owned cigarettes producing company in Bulgaria. From its headquarters in Plovdiv, where its first processing plant was originally opened, the company currently makes, besides the BestMan, other popular brands such as King, Merilyn and Corset, each with its own characteristics, but all sold at affordable prices which makes them appealing to smokers all over the world.

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The Best Man cigarettes brand comes in three different varieties, namely the full-flavoured Best Man Classic Red, the milder Best Man Original Blue and the mentholated Best Man Rich Menthol. The varieties are available as normal King size cigarettes of 84 mm length, as well as in the longer and more slender version of 100’s, with a 100 mm length. All the manifestations of the Best Man cigarettes brand share some important features which make them stand out from the rest and help them increasingly become the brand of choice for smokers around the world.

These features include the fact that they all offer a quality smoking experience that satisfies the senses of smokers with every puff, both in terms of flavour and taste as well as in terms of aroma and scent. Whether one prefers the fuller, stronger flavour of the Best Man Red, the mellower and smoother flavour of the Best Man Blue, which has a nicotine content of 0,7mg, or the refreshing flavour of the Best Man Menthol, one thing is certain: all the varieties are destined to “walk the walk and talk the talk”. Besides their true and reliable quality, all the variants of the Best Man brand come in robust yet attractive packages, which also inspire trust and loyalty. However, the greatest advantage of the BestMan cigarettes brand is the fact that it is being sold at a price that is very reasonable and thus affordable for the vast majority of smokers. This means that you can get hold of a quality smoke for a small fee, especially if you opt to buy this brand online and take advantage of the various discounts and offers that are available at reliable vendors.