How to avoid online cigarette store scams

online cigarette store scams
online cigarette store scams

The number of smokers looking to buy cigarettes online is rapidly increasing, mostly due to the very high taxes and duties levied by governments on the price of cigarettes in local stores. This however has also meant that many crooks have seen in this industry the chance to make some quick and easy money through setting up online cigarette store scams that take away the money of smokers without delivering the cigarettes that are ordered.

Having taken the wise decision to order cigarettes online in order to save time and money, your next step is to choose the online store to place your custom. The availability of online shops selling cigarettes and tobacco products is huge with some of them offering prices that are unrealistically low, and maybe they are, if that site is a scam. That is why the crucial decision to make when you decide to shop online for cigarettes is to choose the right store to shop from, one that will be genuine, trusted and reliable. The best method to establish if a store is genuine or not is to search online to locate reviews and comments from the existing customers of the store, who are happy with the shopping experience they had. (Obviously if you find that most of them are not, then you should stay away).

Because scammers should be avoided at all costs if you don’t want to regret it and also because they should be punished to push them out of the industry as quickly as possible, we urge you to consider the following couple of pointers that we anticipate will help you avoid crooks and choose only genuine online cigarette stores to shop from:

Make sure you create an informed opinion to be able to take a wise decision on whether to trust a particular store or not though taking advice from and notice of guides, like ours, which include independent reviews and comparisons between the several online cigarette stores.

As in all other transactions that you enter into, especially online ones, read carefully and ensure you fully understand all the small print and hidden details in all the terms and conditions. Pay particular attention to “shipping and returns” matters as well as the payment methods available. Generally speaking, sites that are unreliable and are known to have ripped people off, offer very few payment methods, usually just wire transfer and western union, which should not be your first option and should ring a bell in your head if you see just a few payment methods.

Make sure you know exactly where the cigarettes you are buying were manufactured in, especially due to the fact that cigarettes made outside Europe, for example in China or other Asian locations, do not have to comply with European quality standards, which might mean that their quality might be questionable. Stores that avoid to mention the origin of their products, or that offer confusing info on that should make you suspect you are dealing with crooks.

Yet another method to find out if a store is genuine and professional is to contact the Customer Service Department through email or phone. If they do reply then you are sure they exist and you can also create an opinion based on their response time. If do get hold of them take advantage of the opportunity and clarify any questions or concerns that you may have with the store administrators before placing your order and making any payment.