Amphora Pipe Tobacco

Amphora Pipe Tobacco

The Amphora Red Pipe Tobacco brand is characterised by its very high quality and its large appeal to pipe tobacco smokers, which is attributed inter alia to the fact that its tobacco blend is not completely rubbed out, but rather cut in a medium fine width which means that several minute pieces of broken flake exist in the blend, resulting in a mixture that burns slowly and completely, at the right rate necessary to ensure complete smoking satisfaction.

Nicely packed in soft packs the Amphora Red Tobacco is made in the EU and more specifically in the Netherlands, where loose tobacco is extremely popular, and always comes to the consumer with a fresh flavour and the right level of moisture that helps it maintain its strong and fulfilling taste.

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One of the features that make Amphora Tobacco stand out and have turned it into a favorite amongst the most demanding pipe smokers, the real connoisseurs and aficionados, is the mixture of several tobacco types that are blended to create its pipe tobacco brand. These include the Burley, Kentucky, Black Cavendish, Virginia and Oriental tobacco varieties, blended in a balanced and harmonious manner, each giving its own unique overtones to the taste and smell of the end product, leading to a smoking experience which is lavish, rich, intense and satisfying.

It is exactly for this full bodied, spicy-bouquet flavor that smokers prefer the Amphora pipe tobacco brand. The Black Cavendish and Virginia tobacco types used in the Amphora tobacco undergo a double fermentation procedure that enhance their dark, rich and spicy flavor and scent, which are perfectly complimented by the amber tones of the Burley, Oriental, and Kentucky leaves that are also used in the blend. The natural tobacco scent in Amphora tobacco is rather mellow and light and it is dominated by other aromas, more specifically a fruity, cherry or citrus-like flavor that gives an extra kick, as well as a chocolaty scent that gives a more deep body and intensity to the Amphora pipe tobacco flavor and aroma.