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american legend cigarette price comparison

American due to the American tobacco used in their production which gives them a characteristically full bodied and rich flavour and legendary perhaps due to the fact that they have been around successfully since the 1980’s, being produced by a company that was founded back in 1888, the Greek manufacturer Karelia. The American Legend cigarettes are popular because they are a robust option for smokers being sold at a very affordable price. They are usually available in their full-flavored “Red” king size version and the lighter and smoother tasting “White” variety. For more detailed information about this cigarette brand, you might like to read our special post on American Legend Cigarettes.

Our price comparison table clearly shows you the available varieties and quantities of the American Legend brands being sold by our featured vendors, allowing you to make your next purchase of American Legend at the lowest possible price.

Specific brand Table price comparison for American Legend

Product /StoreStore 1Store 2
American Legend King Size$29.49$31.99
American Legend White$29.49$31.99
2 Cartons American Legend King Size$54.49$57.99
2 Cartons American Legend White$54.49$57.99
3 Cartons American Legend King Size$80.49$71.99
3 Cartons American Legend White$80.49$71.99
4 Cartons American Legend King Size$106.49$112.99
4 Cartons American Legend White$106.49$112.99
6 Cartons American Legend King Size$114.49$128.99
6 Cartons American Legend White$114.49$128.99
10 + 2 FREE American Legend King Size$286.49$251.99
10 + 2 FREE American Legend White$286.49$251.99

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