American Legend cigarettes brand

American Legend cigarettes brand

The American Legend cigarettes brand is a product of long-established Greek cigarette manufacturer Karelia, which has gone to great lengths to produce a smoking product that is EU made, according to the highest standards, but tasting truly American due to the flavor of its tobacco and looking really legendary. In a nutshell, the American Legend cigarettes are a reliable, robust, satisfactory and pleasant brand that is being sold at very reasonable and competitive prices, rendered even more affordable if one buys the brand online taking advantage of the numerous discount offers available. No matter what you’re buying from internet, it’s important that you’re making well informed purchasing decisions. Our tips on how to buy cheap American Legend cigarettes will lead you through the process.

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American Legend cigarettes can particularly boast of their full bodied, strong sensation, which is coupled with an easy draw when the smoke is inhaled and an even burn of the tobacco that lasts until the last puff. All varieties of the American Legend are normal king size cigarettes, with a length of 85 mm, being sold in robust hard packs each containing 20 cigarettes. As revealed by their name, the tobacco used in their production is the genuine American tobacco type, blended masterfully in order to provide the right balance between taste and aroma that are both rich and satisfying.

The brand is available in two different versions, namely the regular, full-flavored American Legend Red King Size and the American Legend White/Lights cigarette, which contains 0.7 mg of nicotine and is a milder, version of the original, while maintaining the same intensity, even though its potency is lesser, rendering it a prime example of a medium-light strength cigarette. The tobacco used in both variants is finely blend and ensures a great quality in terms of the resulting aroma, body and smoothness. This is aided and complimented by a filter that is also finely crafted and a cigarette rolling paper of superior quality that ensures the even burning rate of the cigarette.

To complete the image of the brand, it is also important to look at its package and logo, which is quite aptly an American Eagle. In fact, the Legend Red cigarettes come in a smart looking red package with white lettering, which prominently features the king of birds, a self confident, proud eagle. This creates the connotation and expectation that the cigarettes contained in each pack of the American Legend brand are as strong, as graceful and majestic as the eagle on their pack. Fortunately, when one opens the pack and lights an American Legend cigarette these expectations are fully met and satisfied, due to the superior quality of the cigarettes.