The absolutely essential guide to Cheap cigarettes Online Shopping

guide to Cheap cigarettes Online Shopping

I bet that like my in the past, you have also found yourself in a situation where you bought your cigarettes from an online store and then where disappointed to discover that your favourite cigarettes brand is available for a cheaper price point elsewhere. I know this is frustrating, so don’t let it happen again! Below you will find what I consider to be the holy grail of advice, tips and tricks when it comes to buying cheap cigarettes online. Be smart and proactive, read on and implement and I guarantee you that if there are cheap cigarettes to be had online, then you are bound to get them!

By illustrating how to get price-drop emails, compare prices at speed, spot hidden brand sales and much more, there is no escape for cheap cigarettes deal anymore. Ready, set and we are out to get them:

1. Find the  with just a few clicks

cheapest online cigarette prices

What is really neat with online shopping for any goods, in this case cigarettes, is that you can take advantage of various geeky tools which trawl through selected online vendors’ products and prices to find the cheapest deal on your behalf. Irrespective of what cigarette brand you may be looking for, be it Marlboro, Camel, Winston, West or any other, such tools will make it a piece of cake to locate who sells what you are after for else.

Within this framework and pushing our offering to the max, our specially-designed cigarette price comparison tool auto-searches the best online cigarettes stores for the prices of each cigarette brand prices, including brand variants and different quantities in just a few clicks.

Our tool is a free service to help you find the best cigarette prices available online. Finding the very best prices for your online cigarettes shopping needs can be difficult because there are many different cigarette price comparison shopping bots and they all search different stores and product categories. allows you to quickly compare cheap smokes prices and find the lowest prices on anything, no matter what you are looking for each time you shop.

The prices we list are updated regularly, at intervals of no more than a week and with prices for over 50 cigarettes brands from different trusted online stores, we make it easy for you to save time and money when buying cigarettes on the web.

2. Get the latest discount codes and hot bargains

latest cigarette discount codes and hot bargains

Have you ever shopped for cigarettes online, only to reach the checkout page where you are prompted by the merchant to provide a ‘Coupon Code’ or ‘Promo Code’, and you don’t have one and don’t know where to get one?

Don’t you feel left out? You sure do! So in order never to find yourself in this predicament again, make sure you visit our Cigarettes discount coupons section, which features numerous cigarette coupon codes for you to take advantage of. So, next time you are at that checkout screen – be sure to grab a Coupon Code before hand and be prepared on to miss out on another money saving promo or discount!

Do not omit this step, as taking advantage of the coupons and special promotions is the wise and prudent thing to do for anyone wishing to buy cheap cigarettes online, since they significantly reduce the final price to be paid for each carton. is committed to giving you online discount savings through coupons, promotion deals and coupon rebates! Our mandate is to give you, the consumer, the ability to make smart online purchases using our coupon code system. This is your source for finding online coupon codes, free coupons, bargains, deals, rebates, and great offers in the online cigarettes business and this is why our guide is crammed full with daily-updated, fully checked-out deals, sales and loopholes, that can save you lots of money every time you order your cheap cigarettes online, rendering them even cheaper.

3. Search several online discount stores for bargains at once with the Discount cigarettes Finder tool (COMING SOON)

Discount cigarettes Finder tool

Tell our Discount cigarettes Finder tool what you want, your location of shipment, the brand of cigarettes, the payment method you prefer and it will simply find it for you. You can also narrow your search down to specific stores from our trusted list ….. and many more.

The boom in e-commerce has meant that there now exist a huge number of online cigarette stores, which sell an even greater number of cigarette brands and brand variants. We know that sifting through the lot can be time consuming and painstaking and to save you all the time and trouble you are currently developing and will soon launch the first ever cigarette Finder, an advanced search feature for our guide.

Through this advanced feature, you will be able to find exactly what you are after, whether you know what you want or even if you are simply looking for something at a great price! You can be as specific as typing in “Golden Gate Blue Light King Box Cigarettes” , in which case a list of price comparisons for that brand at different online retailers will be generated, or you can be as general as “Golden Gate cigarettes” and it the tool will bring up a huge list of all the Golden Gate Cigarettes available and their associated prices.

Using logical conditions, the Cigarette Finder will enable you to perform searches on all available cigarettes by their brand, indicate the availability of the payment method you want to pay with, and illustrate whether the store does in fact ship the order in your country. This tool is the sure, clear and intuitive way to be sure that amidst the numerous stores, hundreds of brands, different prices, shipping methods, delivery times, payment methods etc, you will find exactly what suits you in no time and almost effortlessly!

4. Get your loyalty rewarded through VIP REWARDS (COMING SOON)

loyalty rewarded through VIP REWARDS

Smokers and those shopping for cigarettes online are much more likely than other shoppers to be brand loyal, so if you’re going to stick with brand loyalty then be aware that there are associated tricks to help you slash the costs of your online cigarettes purchase even further.

Most shops and e-commerce websites nowadays have a rewards program or loyalty scheme to reward repeat business from their customers and this is also true in the case of many online cigarette stores. Such schemes are often employed because they serve as an incentive for consumers to come back, spend more and get a feeling of return on their purchases.

Most often reward programs usually come in the form of VIP points, frequent customer points or some other form of points allocation. Adhering to this principle here at, you’ll definitely find that loyalty pays! From the very first moment you join our site, you’ll be invited to step inside our VIP Room where you’ll find some fantastic and exclusive privileges awaiting and through the special promotions and bonuses reserved exclusively for VIP members, we offer you the ability to convert your loyalty to a store to great savings for your pocket!.

To start earning your points, all you need to do is to make five orders by following any of the links leading to any of our trusted stores, and we’ll credit you with one VIP point each time.

Each month, we’ll take a look at your current points tally and take into consideration how many points you’ve accumulated. If you’ve earned the sufficient number of points (five) required for the VIP Reward, there’s no need to let us know, as we’ll instantly upgrade your status and you’ll be able to enjoy the increased benefits straight away! For further details on this fabulous way to save even more when buying cigarettes online from our trusted stores, please visit our VIP section.

5. Ask a free site to negotiate discounts for you (Price match)

Cigarettes Price Match Promise

In case you’re struggling to find a deal on your next online cigarettes purchase, then let buy-cheap-cigarettes negotiate discounts on your behalf. As a free guide dedicated to smokers we can do this through our featured stores. We are certain that the online cigarette stores that are listed on do offer the lowest cigarette prices on the Internet. In fact, we’re so confident of this that we offer all visitors our Cigarettes Price Match Promise. We love checking cigarette prices, that’s why we do it on a daily basis! Check out our Cigarettes Price Comparison table and if you can find the cigarettes you are about to purchase cheaper somewhere else, we’ll match that cheaper price by forcing the featured vendor to charge you the cheaper price you have located elsewhere.
How do I request a price match from a listed store?
Please tell us about the lower price that is still in effect that you want the listed store to price match. Send us an email at [email protected] Please include the product name, the price of the item you’re interested in, and the web address of the competitor. will then review, verify the price match request and a member of our team will promptly get back to you with our tailor made proposal to best meet your requirements. You can find more information on this money saving trick on our Cigarettes Price Match Promise section.

6. Sign up to retailers’ newsletters for big discounts

Besides signing up to receive the newsletters of individual online cigarettes sellers, which include their offers and promotions as an incentive to make more online purchases from each store, you can also sign up to our very own newsletter, which amasses such discount codes, promotions and offers from a great variety of online cigarettes stores. Since all offers included in our newsletter are thoroughly and responsively verified and checked by us, our newsletter could be your one and only reliable source of information on all money saving opportunities in the online tobacco industry. To subscribe to this super useful newsletter, follow this link to our newsletter subscription page.

7. Get nifty price-drop alert emails (COMING SOON)

Our tailor made newsletter is not our only means of sending out great offers your way. An even more direct and useful way are our price-drop email alerts. If you choose to subscribe to this service it will allow you to add items from online retailers to your ‘buy-cheap-cigarettes list’ and name the price you’re willing to pay. Once we have this information we will then send you an alert when the cigarette brand you specify hits your target price.

The system works in a very easy manner. After you have registered then you can pop a particular item in your list while browsing in a particular retailer’s catalog. After that, the wait is on for the price to fall and the email to land in your inbox. However, please bear in mind that although we endeavour to check prices regularly the price may have changed from the point you were alerted to the actual time you click through to buy.

8. Take advantage of referral programs

Spreading the word on an online store you are happy with can earn you money. Most online stores will reward you when you introduce friends to them and online cigarette vendors are no exception. Usually, when your friends sign up for a new account and actually place an order with your referral code both you and your friends earn an amount in the form of a rebate, often subtracted from the amount you have to pay for your next order.

All you need to do to achieve this kind of savings is to recommend the specific store you are happy about and are a customer of to your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers or any random person off the street and once your referral is approved and verified then you can use the credit you gain as a referee to pay less for your cigarettes next time you order.

Most stores we feature do like to reward you for spreading a good word on them and thus run referral schemes. Since referral is indeed a very easy way to save on the cost of your purchases do check on the page of each store before placing an order and if such a referral program is on offer do join it to save more and buy your cigarettes for less.

Find out more about our current stores’ refer a friend offers here

9. Check out the shipping charges and return policies

After comparing several cigarette site prices regarding your favourite cigarette brand, you will be ready to make your cigarette purchase. But wait, before you go and click the buy button, it is important to read about the shipping charges and product return policies employed by each different online cigarettes vendor. Currently, most of the sites provide free shipping and free returns or refunds with nominal charges. Therefore, a good way to save more is to choose to order cigarettes from online shopping sites that offer free shipping and free returns.

Buying from overseas retailers is often a good way to secure even greater bargains but when doing so, one must ensure that the delivery cost and the delivery time from such vendors do not make the cheap price less cheap and eventually not cost-effective. Moreover, always be sure that you will not be liable to pay hefty sums on top of the cigarette’s price in terms of customs duties and other duties demanded from the authorities in your location.

10. Find out about the hottest bargains from other smokers

On we are very proud of our users forum which is always very active. It is a platform where our forumites, who have an insatiable appetite for deals can share not only their views on different stores, but also coupons and coupon codes, that will greatly help you save money on cigarettes. In this forum you may find promo codes being shared among members sooner than you would on any other site. Forum members are quite savvy, on the whole, and the site has a tight-knit community feel to it. Members take it upon themselves to report their success when trying out coupon codes or money-saving schemes, and they often collaborate to help others get the best deal available.

Although we encourage you to visit the forum, please note that the posts by users are not endorsed by us since they are not official content. The information appearing on the forum is normally fine, but do take care and double-check before using the tips you come by.

11. Planning to buy something already listed on our site? Wait for bonus points weekends (POINTS SYSTEM COMING SOON)

Here at saving hugely could be all about the timing of a purchase. Similarly to many online vendors, our online guide often runs bonus points weekends giving, for example, 1,000 extra points for every $50 spend in any of our featured, trusted online cigarettes stores. Such offers are more common at particular times of the year, such as at Christmas. Therefore, always look out for such bonus points, especially if you are about to place a big order and are planning to buy in bulk.

12. Buy only from legitimate websites

The fastest and surest way to lose money when buying cigarettes online is if you are not careful and you buy from a bogus website. This is a real danger since such scam sites are often set up to cash in on popular products such as cigarettes. Do not base your verdict on the appearance of a site alone, but do perform a thorough check on the legitimacy of a site before parting with your cash!

Though not exhaustive or impeccable as a list, here are some quick tips to help you effectively verify the legitimacy of an online cigarettes store:

Look for a padlock sign and “https”
Most users know to look for a security padlock on a website’s bottom right, but in actual fact that doesn’t mean that the site is legitimate, just that the payment is secure. Check on the address bar of your browser when making a payment, the “http” should appear as “https” to be sure it’s secure.

Google for feedback
The internet is the most powerful way to hunt out other consumers’ experiences so before ordering do a “google search” for the name of the website or the company that runs it and the “complaints” and see what trends emerge and what kind of feedback is given by others. Moreover, checkout if the store appears on reputable online guides and comparison sites.

Is its web ranking decent?
Study the site’s worldwide web ranking on Alexa or other similar traffic tools. Anything in the top 100,000 means it’s reasonably big – a good, though not foolproof, indication of legitimacy.

13. Always read the terms and conditions

Although these are admittedly usually mundane, boring, long or full of convoluted business-speak, the terms and conditions are important because once you have indicated you accept them there is little you can do if things go awry with your transaction in end. Even if you don’t read the entire legalese, always at least read the standard terms and conditions before you pay to know exactly what is included and excluded in the exchange. Plus, always ask questions beforehand if there’s anything you don’t understand, in writing or by email if possible, before you finalise a deal and proceed with paying the full amount.

Moreover, also bear in mind that a good consumer is the informed consumer so make sure you are well informed about all the rights you have when shopping online, for cigarettes or anything else. Even when buying online you are still entitled to return products within 14 days and receive a full refund, even if there is nothing wrong with what you have received.

If the return is due to some kind of defect in what you have ordered then online vendors may rearrange a new shipment as a replacement or refund you after they receive and check the items you ship back.

If you decide to send pack a package after the order has been dispatched from the vendor you may be liable to pay a restocking fee, usually a percentage of the total order price.

Moreover, if the online cigarettes vendor ships you the wrong items, or the description of the products that led you to buy them is incorrect, then you can ask for an exchange or a full refund. In such cases the store should cover all the associated return shipping costs.