10 Ways to Stop Smoking

quit smoking

We believe that if you choose to smoke you deserve to be able to find the cheapest deals, that is why we bring them to you. However, we cannot disregard the significant disadvantages of smoking, firstly for the health of the smoker and those passive smokers around him/her and also due to the significant cost that is associated with smoking, especially for those smoking a pack a day or more.

Smoking continues to be popular because it offers smokers psychological and emotional relaxation and also because quitting is actually quite difficult. However, due to the obvious advantages of quitting, all smokers should at least attempt to quit even once. And because we want you to be completely free to choose whether to smoke or not, here are some great suggestions to assist you when attempting to quit the bad habit of smoking:

1. Establish a definite quit date and stick to it! To force you to do so prepare a “quit date contract” that contains both your signature and that of a witness, who will hold you accountable to keep your pledge.

2. Make a detailed list of all your motives for stopping. Write your quit smoking reasons on an index card and have it near you always so that you can easily refer to it when temptation hits.

3. As soon as you feel you are ready to quit, stop buying cigarettes. This is an effective method to help you gradually switch to smoking less cigarettes as a first step. Buy only one pack at a time, so that you will have limited cigarettes available and will not always have readily available supply every time you grave for a smoke.

4. Prepare in advance a list of items to do when a craving hits you. Fill the list with easy and pleasant options, such as playing with your child or kissing your partner and keep the list easily accessible to be able to choose an item to do from it every time a graving hits you.

5. When your quit date comes, get rid of anything that reminds you of cigarettes. This includes all smoking accessories such as lighters, ashtrays, cigarette holders etc. Also get rid of all your remaining cigarettes and try to get rid of cigarette smells from your home as well.

6. Rather than to take a cigarette break, divert your attention to another interesting activity. You could for example play a game on computer, since it does not take much longer than smoking a cigarette but it is actually much more fun and it will keep your mind busy. However, if pc games are not your thing, instead of smoking a cigarette catch up with a friend on the phone, take a short walk or eat your favourite fruit.

7. Drink a cup of herbal tea anytime that you used to usually smoke. Whether at breakfast time or after a good meal the process of preparing the herbal tea as well as sipping it slowly can act as stress releasing processes, similar to what you could have got from smoking a cigarette.

8. Exchange your cigarette habit for a nut habit. Eating nuts you will be using both your hands as well as your mouth, offering you very similar sensations as those you get when smoking. However, everything in moderation, so allow only four nuts for every cigarette you would have smoked.

9. Keep some canella-flavored toothpicks handy as they are ideal for sucking on whenever you are hit by a cigarette craving.

10. Use decaf for some weeks. Try to avoid too much caffeine because it can cause the jitters during the smoking quitting process, therefore in the first few weeks prefer to use decaffeinated products instead.